NSSL WRF 4 km grid initialized 00 UTC Mar 24 2018

36 h Total Precipitation (mm)

Daily, real-time runs of the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model are generated using 256 processors on the Jet HPC cluster (Raytheon/Aspen Systems) in Boulder, CO.

The WRF model (v3.4.1) configuration includes:

  • MYJ BL/turbulence parameterization
  • WSM6 microphysics
  • RRTM longwave radiation
  • Dudhia shortwave radiation
  • Noah land-surface model
  • Positive definite advection of moisture
  • 4 km grid length (1200x800)
  • 35 vertical levels
  • Time step 24s

    Initial and boundary conditions are obtained from interpolation of the routinely available 40km NAM Model fields obtained from EMC/NCEP, using the WRF Preprocessing System (WPS). Initialization time is 00 UTC and forecast length is 36 h.

    For more info on these experimental high resolution model forecasts, email Adam Clark at adam.clark@noaa.gov